curated by Shelley Pisani

In 2019, Shelley Pisani kicked off a 2-year project that responded to an observed need in regional Queensland for professionalisation of visual arts practice. CQ Shopfront was a project that worked with 527 artists and artsworkers with the aim of building business and product development capacity. With the advent of the pandemic, the program initially went online, becoming more accessible for more artists across the participating regions of Banana Shire, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Fraser Coast, Mackay, North Burnett and Rockhampton.


With funding and support from 17 project partners, the project paid 15 artists and artsworkers; more than half of the participants surveyed created a business plan and/or new products; 10 webinars, 18 workshops and 7 Artisan in Residence programs were delivered; and 7 showcases/ exhibitions and a forum.


Design CQ showcases the “products” of 31 of the project’s participants across the participating regions and inclusive of some of the Artisans in Residence who successfully led mentoring-based residencies. These artists have taken their learnings from the program, the networks they have built and new directions forged, and have developed products that reflect their passions, their values and a desire to approach their arts practice with an entrepreneurial hat on.


The products on show range from original artworks scaled to be accessible for the artist’s target audiences through to bulk manufactured items inspired by their original work - and everything in between.  This exhibition replicates a trade fair – with the artists and makers ready to take their products to market.


Exhibiting Artists: Adele Outteridge, Andrew Treloar, Annette Tyson, April Spadina, Billie Jo Ogilvie, Carolyn Stevenson, Debbie Bennett, Felicity Chapman, Fiona Flohr, Helen Hutton, Jane Marin, Jeanette Stok, Jennifer Hollstein, Judith Hopwood, Karen M Andersen, Kellie McHugh, Lalune Croker, Lois Shoebridge, Lorraine Maskell, Mari Hirata, Megan Spencer, Melissa Peacock, Michelle Black, Patricia Coleman, Pru Morrison, Rebecca Lewis, Samantha Ephraims, Sarah Larsen, Sheena Larsen, Shelley Engwirda, Shelley Pisani and Yvonne Wingrove.

With thanks to funding and a partnership with Bundaberg Regional Galleries, the exhibition will be touring from Bundaberg to Mackay and Brisbane.

This project has been supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland's Touring Queensland Fund. The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and Bundaberg Regional Council and Mackay Regional Council.

Thank you also to our friends at MAKI Space and MAKI Print for the design and production of exhibition furniture and displays.


A special thank you to the CQ Shopfront project's original partners – Artisan, Arts Queensland, Australia Council for the Arts, CQ RASN/ CQ University, Community Lifestyle Support Ability Enterprises, Crow Street Creative, Flying Arts Alliance, Macadamias Australia and the Regional Arts Fund, as well as participating local governments – Bundaberg Regional Council, Fraser Coast Regional Council, Gladstone Regional Council, Mackay Regional Council, North Burnett Regional Council and Rockhampton Regional Council including their arts and cultural teams, RADF programs and host venues.

Images from the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery Exhibition
June - August 2022

Opening night images by Sabrina Lauriston Photography


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