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The information below it to support our subscribed program members in accessing the resources available to them. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any queries or concerns.

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The course content is hosted on our external online platform that log in details were provided for when you signed up. This platform is where your course videos, downloadable documents and recorded webinars are kept. Please go to the link below to log in. You will be taken to your DASHBOARD and can open up your course from there and track your progress.


All webinars and events are listed on the site you are currently using and if you wish to register to attend live and you are a subscribed member to one of our programs, you are entitled to attend FREE for webinars or receive DISCOUNTED prices for key events the duration of that membership. If you scroll to the top of this page and see MEMBER LOG IN at the top, that is where you need to go to sign in prior to registering for an event to get your FREE access.

If you aren't logged in and you go to book into an event, It will come up with a screen like the one demonstrated on the right and you can log in there to access the event through your membership.

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The log in below is where you go to access recorded webinars so you don't miss out on any of the content. You were assigned to this platform when you registered for Shopfront Makers. Please go to the link below and log in. You will be taken to your DASHBOARD where you can select the Shopfront Makers' Platform.


Meet the Makers is a section of this website that promotes the profiles and online links of our Shopfront Makers Members. It is specific to this program.

New Shopfront Makers Members need to complete the online Meet the Makers Profile Form. This form populates and automatically sets up a page that the public can look at. It looks like the image on the bottom right.

Make sure you are logged in to this site first ( you will see your name at the top of the page) and then go to the form to complete it. You can also go back to this form to update details. Only paid Shopfront Maker Members will be able to access this form even when logged in.

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If you have participated in a one of our Regional Co-Hosted projects where an online platform was created, you can log in and access the resources created for your project, workshop or course.  These include:

  • CQ Shopfront

  • Artesian Originals

  • Noosa Grow Your Arts

Some 2022 projects will also be hosting an online platform where workshop recordings and downloadable resources will remain available.


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