Diversifying your income streams

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a risky way of doing business. The same goes for your arts practice.

This is a saying that has been true since time immemorial. But if COVID has taught us one thing - it is that you can't rely on one way of making money - particularly in the arts.

Visual artists and makers have so much to offer and such a variety of specialty skills, services, original art and products to offer. Do any of these different ways of making money sound like you?

  • artform based skill workshops

  • art retreats

  • consulting services

  • original art

  • commissions

  • prints or reproductions

  • designs for licensing

  • artwork that can go on drop ship product websites

  • public artworks such as murals

  • co-designed products or brand collaborations

  • merchandise that suits your brand

  • exhibitions

  • art prizes

  • illustrating

  • .....

Not every one of these ideas will suit you. Some things you may have tried before and either not enjoyed or found it not to be successful for you.

Have a look at your values as an artist and the brand that you are developing for yourself and see if there are other ways of monetising your talents and knowledge that still bring you joy. Even the most successful artists, designers and makers spread their eggs across multiple baskets.

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