Go Your Own Way

Overwhelmed by choice on what to do on social media? Feeling discouraged with the overwhelming task of creating your first website?

When building your own arts business, it is easy to get blinded by what everyone else is doing, especially online. As creatives we see thousands of potential ideas each day and sometimes this can lead to feelings of inadequacy about our own creative journey.

If you are looking for help to get your creative business started there is an endless supply of “tips”, “hacks” and “tricks” at your disposal that are supposed to make your life easier. But it is too easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of possibilities when it comes to planning your next move. Taking on advice that doesn't suit your goals and values can become a drain on your time, energy and expenses in the long run. This can leave you feeling even more confused than when you started and sometimes just utterly defeated. Our advice: Search for what works for YOU.

With all of the advice out there to "launch your art career", how could these experts know what is important in your life? What works for some, may not work for others. What defines us as creatives is our own personal journey, which is unique. Every artist, maker, and creative start up is different. We all have our own needs, and identifying these needs BEFORE we go looking for help is the key. When faced with an abundance of choice, in both ideas, advice and possible business ventures, first ask yourself the most important question:

Not “How do I get more followers?”

or “How to make a Reel go viral”

But instead “What is really important to me at this stage of my journey?”

Attempting to launch a business without goals in place of what you want to achieve is ultimately going to leave you frazzled and lost. It is easy to feel pressure to launch your artwork seamlessly to an online audience. But in reality, it just doesn't work like that for anyone. It takes planning, fine tuning and realistic goals.

We suggest starting small. What is your goal for this week? If you are facing a big challenge like building a website or creating a social media profile for your art, break it down into achievable tasks and work at a pace that suits you. That's right, you go your own way, at your own speed. If you are building a website, your first goal might be allocating a certain amount of time that week to organise what suitable images you have.

Once you have a clear idea of your direction, it will be much easier choose advice to help reach your desired outcome for each goal. You will save yourself valuable time and some frustration trying things that just aren’t meant for you.

If you do find yourself scrolling, try to view the constant feed of advice and content from your competition as examples of things that have worked for others. It isn't until you know what you want to do with your art career and your business that you will know which advice to follow, which resources to utilise and which approach will work for you. Focus on going at your own pace, in your own way, by recognising your needs first and THEN looking of guidance and resources. If you are struggling to get a clear idea of what you want to achieve, remember you not alone. Reach out to your creative community by chatting with peers and finding a mentor to help refine and plan your goals.

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