Great Resources for Visual Artists

There are so many wonderful FREE online resources, memberships and subscriptions out there for visual artists and makers to tap into from reputable industry organisations and government. These are just a few for you to run through and see if anything is the right fit for where you are at with your business planning and career development.

Our sector's national industry advocacy body is the National Association for Visual Arts. The membership is well worth it for the resources you can access. You can also access membership with included insurance. Their Code Of Practice is our industry bible on pricing for artists' wages, exhibition loans, public art and more. You will need to sign up to access this content. Check out some of their funding options and while you are there, have a look at their guides. There are tips on everything from First Nations Engagement to Selling Your Work, Public cArt and Residencies!

The Queensland visual arts focused service organisation is Flying Arts Alliance. They also offer great membership and insurance options for visual artists. Their Annual Program has recently launched and is a great guide to what they have to offer. In their 50th year of service to regional arts, you can sign up for workshops, online consultations with industry specialists and more. They host the annual Queensland Regional Art Awards (the 2021 exhibition opens this weekend in Cairns) with great prize money. Announcements on this year's competition will be announced later in the year so make sure you are signed up to their e-news! Flying Arts are also the Queensland representative of Regional Arts Australia, delivering the Regional Arts Fund program with a great range of grant opportunities. Check out their Resources page for more nitty gritty including previous recorded webinars with people like yours truly!

The Arts Law Centre of Australia is the place to go for legal advice and resources. It's where I go to for purchasing contract templates for different projects I manage. You can also sign up for advice and support services.

The Australian Copyright Council is one I know will interest those of you interested in licensing. I've been having many of these conversations lately. They have an amazing range of free to download fact sheets on copyright, resale royalty and street art. Check out their webinars and legal services.

For those outside the bounds of Brisbane City, the Regional Arts Services Network is also an amazing resource that is essential to connect to. It is currently in pause as the new service agreements with organisations across the state are being negotiated, but I highly recommend signing up to their newsletter and following their social media to find out about upcoming opportunities. Like the RASN Creative Business Hub that I was proudly a part of in 2021 and will continue a role when it restarts in 2022. In the meantime, there are FREE recorded webinars that you can look at with great advice for the arts sector.

Some other great resources include:

That's probably enough for you to digest for now. We post regularly on our social media about other resources and opportunities so stay tuned!

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