Every got the feeling of overwhelm with the range of ideas that you have and where to start? Well sit down, grab a cuppa and let's chat.

Firstly - you are creative. It has taken me a while to accept that I will always make myself busy with all the ideas I want to implement. So take a deep breath and embrace that your innate creative being is going to always be coming up with something new.

The problem is, it can become quite overwhelming to try to process these ideas and feel like you need to act on them all. This is the way I tend to tackle it.


Never assume that you will remember all of your ideas. Keep a journal, make a document on your computer, a note on your phone - some way of writing down the basic idea to get it out of your head. Writing it down can often help you to make sense of the idea and even refine it.


Every now and then I review my list of ideas and put some order to it. I prioritise (and sometimes eliminate) them by asking myself questions like:

  • is it the right time for this idea? Or is it something would be better achieved later when I have the time and resources?

  • is this idea something that will advance my practice or business?

  • can I make money from this idea or find funding to make it happen?

  • does it still float my boat or have I moved on from that idea?

I then tend to take the ideas that float to the top of the list into timeframes. Is this something I have the capacity to do over the next 6 months, 12 months, 2 years? This is really dependent on resources, planning and the amount of time I have to commit to the idea.


Those who have had one on one mentoring with me know I keep a task sheet on my desktop that I update on a daily basis. Mine is a simple word document. Some use spreadsheets or get really organised into GANT Charts. I run three businesses so I find this helps to keep on top of the different projects I am working on. For larger projects, I do a project plan with a timeframe that I then add into my task sheet. Doing a project plan helps me to create a logical list of tasks or actions that will lead to achieving a result.

This is how I make sense of my creative brain throwing me ideas. What works for you?

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