Invest in Yourself

As an artist or maker-based business - you are your greatest asset. So make sure you take the time to nurture yourself and invest in your own development.

If you push your development aside for other things on a regular basis - you are not alone. But don't leave it until you are at breaking point to realise you need to take time out to fill your creative bucket.

Last year I spent a lot of time making up for the restrictions of 2020 by attending conferences, forums and workshops for that important face to face learning, networking and connection. These are the things I need to refresh my energy levels for my practice both as an artist and artsworker. Having self-awareness around your needs is important.

Being a Mum, I also push aside a lot of opportunity as my family take precedence. One day in between running one child to a sleepover and another to dancing class whilst my husband was off playing golf, I decided to put my foot down. I am creating a studio space where I can close the door and have moments of peace, and I am booking into more and more opportunities for connecting with fellow artists to enhance my skills in printmaking, ceramics and textiles as well as working towards exhibitions. It's a more fulfilling kind of busy!

Have a think about what it is that you need to refresh your creativity and build your skills.

Also think about what support systems you need around you to keep building your practice. Important ones are a business plan and marketing plan that is reinforced with the resources (skills, people and infrastructure - owned or borrowed) to ensure you can keep reaching for your creative goals.

Invest time and resources in yourself and reap the rewards.

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