Know your skills intimately

When was the last time you took stock of the range of skills you have? I am sure you will find there are things you have forgotten you know how to do. Now is as good a time as any to reacquaint yourself with the things you are great at and see if this helps to inspire new business opportunities for you.

Images (left to right) - Rachael King teaching Photoshop skills at a recent Bootcamp in Bundaberg, the teachers I provided professional development to during my recent artist residency at Kepnock State High School, a weekend Bootcamp that Katie and I delivered in Barcaldine this time last year


A good old brainstorming process is the way to go to figure out where your skills lie. I also recommend not doing it alone. Get some people in the room who really know you and your capacity as an artist/ artsworker/ business person and they will prompt you on things you will have forgotten about.

Think about:

  • your art making skills?

  • can you teach?

  • the business skills you might have?

  • social media skills?

  • are you experienced with applying for funding?

  • can you plan a project?

  • can you manage events?

  • are you great working with people?

  • what non-arts skills could contribute to the mix?

I always then place that list of skills into two columns - the ones you enjoy and the ones you probably say "meh" to. Some of them you may like to cross out all together as you just can't bring yourself to go there!

Now you have a list of skills that you might like to turn into some ideas or opportunities for business or career growth. Let us know what you come up with!!

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