Sell Yourself or Outsource?

Often as creatives we wear many hats as we try to do everything ourselves. Sometimes the hat is one of a salesperson when it comes to selling our own artwork and products. This can seem like a lot of pressure if you are not already experienced in sales. Selling takes confidence and skills in communicating your product and knowing your target audience. We can draw some experience from previous roles in customer service but for someone who dreads interacting with others (I’m looking at you introverts) this might not be your strong suit. And that is totally okay!

Honestly ask yourself, how many hats do you want to wear in your arts business? Would you be better off outsourcing the sale of your work if it’s a task you prefer not to do yourself or a skill you don’t wish to learn?

This might look like the following:

  • Seeking representation from a gallery or agent

  • Identifying retail stores for consignment opportunities

  • Participating in curated group exhibitions

  • Preparing your work for a wholesale trade show such as Life in Style

  • Joining online curated galleries such as Bluethumb Art Gallery, Fenton & Fenton or Art Lovers Australia.

In all these instances, your work leaves your hand once it is ready to sell. Different sales methods are available for different art forms and product types depending on your market and the quantity of work you wish to produce and sell. But with less time and energy spent liaising with your customers, you can invest your more of your time into making; you might develop a new body or work, create a new product range, or even increase the quantity of work your capable of producing.

As we get closer and closer to Christmas and increasing sales opportunities, ask yourself, would you rather be talking sales pitches and connecting with customers or spending extra time in your studio?

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